From a child, David Collenette has been an avid writer and received several commendations for his short stories.

However, it wasn’t until 2016 that David completed his first full novel, Hawk’s Cross, a culmination of three year’s work, which went on to be published through The Book Guild and has achieved inspiring reviews and an independent award as Book of the Month.


As a crewman for the local lifeboat and an owner of his own consultancy business, David finds time to write when travelling and uses it to focus his thoughts and relax. His writing is often dark but profound and always carries a subtle, yet captivating, humour.


David was adopted as a baby and was born and brought up in South Wales, where he currently lives with his wife, Louellan.

They have four grown children, a crazy dog named Martin and a catnip addicted cat named Chesterfield.


When David is not writing, he loves to travel with his wife, his writing often reflects many of the places they’ve experienced. 



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